Extend and rejuvenate your life now-up to 20 years

Extend and rejuvenate your life now and here up to 20 years. Life can be beautiful with pure healths. Based on the work from 3 medical nobelprice winners 2009.Telomeres  and telomerase bio - high tech.             Of course ignorance kills.


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My status My status

How it began.

When  I was thinking that I have only about 8 years to live, so I was looking for the Anti Aging - Life enlargement. I found booth, enlargement and rejuvenation by the last scientific studies. To give other people this practical unknown bio-technological reality, I have created this website.

I expect to live with good healths at lest until 100 years. So I have the theoretical possibility to get my DNA in a one year time repaired and immortalized - with astonishing health. That is for me the most importend goal. 

Here we are

To find a doctor or the telomer activator took me a long research time.

To find the original activator he calls TA-65 from the Geron Company in USA.

But the price for a year treatment was around 25.000 $. So-I was starting to find one similar product.

I found 5 different company's with an offer. Asking this company's for a functionality verification from an Laboratory, 

I got no answer at all.

On the end - what are we baying without any confidence?

Even a small amount on money spend on this black market fakes are flush the the money to the toilet.

The good end

After all that researching, and a study for 2 + years, thinking that all that work done - only to fit my needs was not convincing me.

So - with all my knowledge, I have make this European life enlargement and rejuvenating information Website.

If you have some question send me an email please.

The future is yours.

Good news for 2011.

    Would you get of - up to 20 years from your age?

                                Yes you can!  


I got the license from T.A. Sciences USA after an exhaust study to telomere and telomerase biology.

So I be the first en Europe to help people with this special and worldwide proven treatment.

It makes from an "old sport men" with the young age of 40 years, an physically super men of 20 years with the knowledge from 40.  

And the best of all, that all without doping because is repair from your chromosomes and not boosting some rest energy for on short time and harm the person.

But for the seniors its even better.

There have to count with several misleading things because the advanced years there are living.

No problem with short air, prostate problems M,S. Alzheimer, cartilages destructed, diabetes, bad view, bad listen, stiff in the joints, weak Boone's with the risk of breaking.

That are only a few illnesses to mention and over all we have to ask us - where from an older couple have to charge with all that chronic sickness on the end of the working days?

If you are financial prepared, so there are a very good news.

With the telomere and telomerase TA-65 you get an proven help.

Its up to 20 years back repairing your chromosomes and you look forwards with the new, youthful, energies, concentration and on overall health like a dream.



If you like this future, phone now to, 0034 971 90 77 63 Mobil 0034 670 41 99 15  10 AM - 11PM 365 days / year


European information center for life enlargement and rejuvenating up to 20 years.

Hans W. Huskes licensed partner from the T.A. Sciences Corporation USA. For Europe. Phone, 0034 971907763 Mobil, 0034 670419915 Skype hueskes Mail inquiries:hueskes38@gmail.com
10 Am to 23 PM 365 days /year.

Your Future is life with best health.

>No wait one day more<

TA-65 is not intended to prevent or cure any disease.
By standard definitions, "Aging" is not a disease.

Responsible for this website, Hans W. Huskes

C/Tomas Forteza 63-4.B E-07006 Palma de Mallorca /Spain Mail inquiries: hueskes38@gmail.com Phone: 0034 971 907 763 Mobile: 0034 670 419 915 Skype: hueskes